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Fashion Pilot Men's Aluminum Magnesium Polarized Sunglasses

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Loremikor™ stands for Activeness, Bravery, Love, Youth, and Confidence.

Loremikor™ adheres to the conception of experiencing a splendid life.

Loremikor™ professionalism produces polarized sunglasses for aviator and on the way to be the best.


Our sunglasses block all three ranges of ultraviolet radiation: UVA, UVB and UVC, and keep the human eye away harmful effects of the sun rays. This is realized by a multi-layer lens designed for optimal eye protection.

Why Choose Loremikor™ Aviator Sunglasses?


  • Loremikor™polarized aviator sunglasses for men and women.
  • UV400 protection sunglasses reduce glare and reflections and improve your vision.
  • Pilot sunglasses for men, with Skin-friendly nose pads made of soft silicone material, available for long-time wearing without fatigue, with No pressure marks on the face.
  • No matter driving, fishing, biking, partying, or other outdoor activities. Classic style aviator sunglasses offer protection for the sunlight.
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