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Nylon polarized anti-UV sunglasses for men

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Loremikor™ stands for Active, Brave, Love, Youth, and Confidence.

Loremikor™ adheres to the concept of experiencing a splendid life.

Loremikor™ profession produces aviator polarized sunglasses and has been on the way to being the best.


The lens is made of high-quality film material, which absorbs ultraviolet light well and darkens the color of the mirror cloth, thereby filtering harmful lightresisting ultraviolet rays, protecting the eyes, and protecting eyesight.

Why Choose Loremikor™ Aviator Sunglasses?

  • Loremikor™ polarized aviator sunglasses for men and women.
  • UV400 protection sunglasses reduce glare and reflections and improve your vision.
  • Pilot sunglasses for men, with Skin-friendly nose pads made of soft silicone material, support long-time wearing without fatigue, with No pressure marks on the face.
  • Whether you are driving, fishing, biking, partying, or other outdoor activities. Classic style aviator sunglasses provide protection from the sunlight.
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